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Kidney Cancer Chemotherapy  

Cancer can form in a human body when otherwise normal cells begin to change and grow uncontrollably.  This usually occurs in a particular organ and then can spread to other parts of the body if it is not diagnosed or treated.  The type of treatment can depend on the type of cancer, its stage and other factors related to the patient.  We will specifically talk about kidney cancer chemotherapy here and review some details, benefits, and possible side effects and complications. 

Kidney cancer is caused when cancer cells begin to form and grow within the kidney.  As the cancer grows, it can interfere with the normal functioning of this organ.  There are several types of kidney cancer and they may exhibit different symptoms.  If a positive diagnosis is made concerning the presence of kidney cancer, surgical removal of the tumor is generally the most desired option. 

If the cancer has been caught in the early stages of development, this can usually be successful.  However it may be necessary to use kidney cancer chemotherapy as an additional form of treatment or it may be used to help contain the growth the growth of the disease, especially if it has spread to other organs. 

Kidney cancer chemotherapy involves the use of special medications which are designed to kill cancer cells.  The medications work by identifying cells which grow very rapidly and attack only these kinds of cells.  Since cancer cells exhibit this kind of abnormal growth, the medications focus on the cancerous cells and tissue. 

For someone who is undergoing kidney cancer chemotherapy, he/she may find that the drugs are administered to the body through external means like orally or intravenously.  The drugs travel through the bloodstream until they encounter the cells with abnormal growth and attack them. 

One of the common side effects of chemotherapy is the fact that these medications tend to attack all cells which exhibit abnormal growth.  While this is certainly true of cancerous cells, it can also apply to healthy cells like hair cells or the cells which line the inside of the stomach. 

So the drugs can also kill healthy cells in the process of eradicating the cancer cells.  This causes side effects ranging from hair falling out to nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, pain, and fatigue.  In order to help minimize these side effects, patients tend to receive the drugs using controlled dosages over a period of time.  This helps the body to recover better from the effects of the chemotherapy. 

There are some other ways to administer the drugs which can reduce the unwanted side effects.  The drugs can be administered from pellets or discs which are implanted near the site of the cancer cells.  This can limit the exposure of these drugs to healthy tissue and help to maximize the effectiveness of treatment from higher dosages. 

As mentioned earlier, kidney cancer chemotherapy is not generally used as a primary treatment option.  However it can be very helpful if used following surgical removal of the tumor to help ensure that any remaining cancer cells are eliminated.  It also has benefit in later stage cancer when surgical options may not be as viable.  The kidney cancer chemotherapy can help to slow the progression of the cancer within the kidneys and other organs it may have spread to and help to prolong the life of the patient for as long as possible.