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Radiation Therapist

Radiation therapists are highly qualified and talented professionals who use radiation therapy to treat cancer in their patients. It is a general perception that securing an admission for radiation therapy course is quite tough especially in the reputed universities of the world. Radiation therapists are much in demand these days and hence, radiation therapist salary has seen a rising trend over the years. Before we discuss the details related to salary of radiation therapist, let us know more about the radiation therapist job description in the next paragraph.

Job Description of a Radiation Therapist

The job of radiation therapists involves treating cancer patients by using radiation therapy along with other methods such as surgical process and chemotherapy. Radiation therapists work in a team and they study the physical and psychological condition of the patient well before and after the treatment. They keep a record of the medical condition of the patient for further reference. Apart from cancer, radiation therapists also cure several other diseases and disorders. Radiation therapists can get jobs in reputed private as well as government hospitals and also in cancer care centers and units. Radiation therapists discuss side effects which the patient might experience due to the radiation therapy with the oncologists and find a suitable solution to this problem. The condition of the patient can be improved by making a change in the treatment. Radiation therapists also face the challenge of locating the exact position of the cancer by making use of advanced equipment. Ensuring safety of the patient during the radiation therapy is the responsibility of the radiation therapists.

Radiation therapists need to be well qualified and educated to meet the standards and render their services well. A bachelor's or master's degree in radiation therapy from a renowned institute can help you enter this profession in a convincing manner. You might have to work as an intern or assistant to a senior therapist in your initial days of struggle. For extremely talented people who are interested in research, this career can provide plenty of lucrative opportunities across the globe. However, the future for such professionals is bright with the radiation therapist salary being on a rising trend. Now, having understood radiation therapist job description and educational requirements, let us discuss the radiation therapist salary in the next few paragraphs.

Radiation Therapist Salary

The radiation therapist salary largely depends on their number of years of experience, educational qualifications, location of work and the organization for which they work. Those radiation therapists working for a large hospital chain can earn much more than those working in the smaller hospitals. Radiation therapists working in urban cities earn more than those working in rural regions. As per several salary surveys, the employment outlook for the position of radiation therapist is improving and will continue to improve in the years to come.

Radiation therapist salary for the new entrants in this field is around USD 45,000 to USD 50,000 per year. Those with an experience of three to seven years can easily earn anything between USD 55,000 to USD 70,000 per year. The radiation therapist salary for those having work experience of more than ten years is in excess of USD 85,000 per year. Those working at places like Texas, Florida and California can expect to earn very good salaries in this field.

The data on radiation therapist salary, educational requirements and job description mentioned in this article will guide you in the right direction. Thus, we conclude that this is a great career opportunity for talented candidates.
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