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Mesothelioma Treatment and Radition

Mesothelium refers to the lining that is found on several internal organs of the body like lungs, abdomen and so on. This lining generates a fluid that helps in smooth functioning of these organs. For example, this lining supports the lungs in their rhythmic breathing movement. When this inner lining of organs gets afflicted with cancer, the condition is known as Mesothelioma. 

Mesothelioma Radiation therapy is best known for alleviating pain in patients. This treatment is not self-reliant for curing cancer but works best when used in conjunction with other pertinent treatments like surgery and/or chemotherapy. Patients in advanced stage of disease are advised to go for radiation therapy to get respite from pain with minimum after effects.  

Treatment procedure: 

The mesothelioma cancer treatment can be quite difficult as it is to be targeted over the lining of lungs, abdomen etc. Surgery cannot possibly remove this cancer completely and thus explains the need to undergo the mesothelioma radiation therapy. 

Oncologists study every case individually and, depending upon the extent of the cancerous growth, suggest the best possible treatment. Though surgery is the initial step of mesothelioma cancer, sometime radiation is also done in order to relieve the patients from their uneasiness. Patients suffering from Mesothelioma experience breathing problems, pain and bleeding. To control such symptoms radiation is given at early stages of the mesothelioma treatment.  

External beam radiation therapy is the most common form of mesothelioma treatment that treats patients in painless manner. The patient is accompanied by the oncologist and measurements are taken in order to decide the right posture for targeting the X-rays. The machine is used to focus the X-rays over cancerous cells within few minutes. Newer methods of radiation enable the oncologist to conduct the mesothelioma treatment with precision and thereby save the healthy cells from being destroyed. 

Another method is the Brachy therapy where radioactive material are enclosed in needles and placed directly in the chest or the abdomen, near to the cancer. The material travels to the limited distance and thus the healthy cells do not get affected by the radioactive elements.  

Factors affecting Mesothelioma Treatment 

There are several factors that affect various aspects of mesothelioma radiation therapy. These factors are the stage, size, location, and the type of cancer. All these factors are carefully considered by doctors before deciding the best possible route and strength of radiation to be beamed. Since radiations may be beamed from multiple angles, the health of other organs is also taken into consideration.  However, there is no fear of accumulation of radioactive material or dead cancerous cells inside the body as they get excreted through body’s normal excretory system.  

Side effects: 

Minor side effects are experienced by the patient after receiving mesothelioma radiation therapy. Side effects like like loss of hair, skin tanning, tiredness and nausea tend to disappear gradually over reasonable period of time. However, if the patient has undergone lung radiation there might be breathing problems and feeling of breathlessness.