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Colorectal Cancer Chemotherapy  

Colorectal cancer is a type of cancer which can affect the colon, lower intestines and rectum.  A primary type of treatment for this disease entails surgical removal of the affected cancerous tissue.  However other types of treatment including colorectal cancer chemotherapy may be used instead.  More details on this type of treatment as well as expected benefits and side effects will be discussed. 

Colorectal cancer chemotherapy involves the use of special medications which are placed in the body either through external means or internally.  The medicines used are designed to become attracted to cells which grow very quickly.  Since cancer cells exhibit above normal growth rates, these drugs tend to react with these cells and kill them. 

When the drugs are administered in an external fashion, they may be taken orally or injected into a person’s body.  For the internal type, the drugs can be placed within the body very close to the areas where the cancer is present. 

Colorectal cancer chemotherapy can be very helpful in a number of different ways.  It is often used in addition to surgical techniques because it can help to eliminate any remaining cancer cells following removal of cancerous tissue.  It can minimize the return of cancer in that area. 

This type of treatment is also sometimes used to treat the tumor first and shrink it prior to surgery.  This makes removal of the tumor easier and more effective. 

And colorectal cancer chemotherapy may also be used if the cancer has spread beyond the initial area it started and moved to other organs throughout the body.  If this has occurred, surgery is usually not as effective because the cancer is much more widespread.  Colorectal cancer chemotherapy can be used to treat cancer cells throughout the body. 

This is because the anti-cancer drug can be introduced to the body and travel through all the organs.  And while this type of treatment for more advanced cancer stages is generally not able to cure the cancer, it can at least help to slow the growth and extend the life of the cancer sufferer for as long as possible and with the best quality of life. 

As noted earlier, chemotherapy can be very helpful in killing cancer cells because it attacks cells which exhibit faster than normal growth.  Since this is how cancer cells react, the drugs work well against cancer.  However they can also affect healthy cells which also grow very quickly. 

This includes hair cells and the cells which line the inside of the stomach.  This is why common side effects to chemotherapy can cause a person’s hair to fall out.  It can also cause nausea, diarrhea and pain. 

Typically colorectal cancer chemotherapy is administered in multiple sessions spread out over a period of time.  This is done because the dosages and intervals must be spread out to help minimize the damage to healthy cells. 

If one experiences one or more side effects, they tend to dissipate once the treatment has stopped.   There are new developments in the delivery systems for chemotherapy as well as advanced anti-cancer drugs which do a better job of attacking only cancer cells and leaving healthy cells alone.  This allows for higher dosages of the active ingredients and less side effects – both a very good outcome.