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Chemotherapy Hats for Cancer Patients  

A very commonly used and effective treatment for cancer involves the use of strong anti-cancer drugs which are typically administered into the bloodstream and which travel to the cancer sites.  These drugs have the unique ability to react with cells which have abnormal growth rates and ultimately destroy them.  Since cancer cells have this distinguishing feature this can be a very effective way of treating and eradicating the cancer.  But one key drawback is that while these drugs can affect cancer cells, they also have the potential to identify and attack other healthy cells which also have rapid growth rates.  These types of cells can include hair cells and this is why a common side effect of chemotherapy is the loss of hair during treatment.  Many patients are very much afraid of this side effect and may be ashamed at their appearance.  So the use of hats for cancer patients can be a good way to hide the loss of hair and provide the patient with a sense of dignity and confidence. 

Hats for cancer patients may also be used if there has been surgery to the head and the patient wants to cover up the bald areas and/or sutures and scars until healing has occurred.  But whatever the reason the use of hats for cancer patients is of importance to many of these cancer sufferers and their families. 

Hats for cancer patients are typically a little different than other hats which a person might wear like a baseball cap.  The hat must be comfortable and able to cover a significant portion of the scalp.  Many hats are made from soft materials which are not irritating to the skin.  Since the hats may be worn throughout the day they should also be cool and comfortable. 

There are many organizations and retailers who specialize in hats and turbans for cancer patients.  They can provide excellent choices and resources to help a patient to make good decisions on comfort and style they will be happy with.  Many cancer patients own more than one hat and they use them for different purposes. 

Since a cancer patient may wear a hat for many weeks following treatment until their hair grows back to their normal state, it would be important to own a number of hats which are appropriate for different applications and occasions. 

In addition to online resources there are usually counselors within the hospital you are receiving treatment from who can also provide a great deal of information and support.  They can typically suggest the best types of hats for your sense of style and lifestyle.  And they can often suggest good sources to obtain these hats.  In general these people are very supportive and caring.  They understand the need to maintain a normal and healthy appearance as much as possible. 

It should be important to note that since hats for cancer patients can often make a person feel much better about themselves, their ability to cope with their disease can be much better and they should be expected to recover faster and more completely. 

This may sound like a minor topic but it can certainly be of big concern to those who not only have to face their illness and the treatments associated with them but also how they will look and feel following the treatment.  So anything which supports the attitude and recovery of these patients is very important in the long run.