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 cancer chemotherapy                                                             


Chemotherapy Dosage 


Choosing dosage of chemotherapy drugs requires professionalism and precaution; it is not as easy as prescribing an aspirin. Usually, oncologists base on several criteria -such as type of cancer, age, health status, your height and weight - to determine the dosage most able to combat the disease. Underdose (an insufficient dose) can make the therapy ineffective; an overdose, in the other hand, can cause serious health problems and even death.  

Whatever the dose prescribed, it must be sufficient enough to produce an intended effect. Chemotherapy drugs are strong; overdose is strictly prohibited. Even when it does not lead to death, a chemotherapy overdose can cause serious health problems: kidney problems, heart problems, nerve disorders, etc. In fact, an overdose of chemotherapy can cause death during or immediately after the treatment.