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Cell Phone Radiation and Unborn Babies

Whether or not cell phone usage can harm unborn babies has been controversial for years. However, most doctors recommend pregnant women to limit their cell phone usage for the sake of the innocent unborn child. But is it really a fact that regular use of mobile phones can negatively affect your fetal development?  

First of all, it is important to note that a cell phone is not health enemy; it is the excessive use that can be harmful. In fact it is hard to imagine life without a mobile phone nowadays. We need it to communicate with friends and relatives, and stay connected with the rest of the world. Cell phones give us an easy way out in almost every aspect of life. This small communication tool allows us to establish communication with a person in a very distant location and speak like it is a face to face conversation.

However, this very useful device can lead to development of serious health problems. As it is said, technology has created more problems than it can solve. The same goes with the appearance of cell phones; prolonged use can cause irreversible medical conditions. Though it has reduced barriers of communication, extensive cell phone usage have given rise to various serious health issues especially in kids, elderly, pregnant women, and thus in unborn babies.

Cell Phone Radiation Exposure during Pregnancy

If you are one of those individuals who doubt that cell phones harm unborn babies, it is time for you to wake up and put your doubt aside. After extensive researches, some medical experts have finally declared that extensive cell phone usage can cause various behavioral problems in unborn babies in the future. These reports are probably one of the first medical experiments which go further in finding the destructive effects of cell phones on human health, particularly fragile people: impaired immune system people, elderly, pregnant women and unborn babies. However, the people of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still remain firm on their position declaring that there is no scientific and documented proof of the ill effects of cell phone radiation on the health of the unborn child.  Among these controversial debates, will you dare taking chance with your loving unborn child?

As for today, medical professionals still cannot surely confirm all the damages that regular use of mobile phones by pregnant women cause to an unborn child. However, it is wise for a responsible mother to be careful when use cell phones. Taking all the necessary precautions to keep the baby safe and healthy is essential. Cell phones do emit certain kind of radiation or radio waves which are known as non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Almost every electrical appliance in the house such as digital TVs, computer and microwave releases certain kind of radiation. However, the radio waves emitted by cell phones are not that harmful as they are very mild in nature. In addition, cell phone in the US and most other countries is graded on the levels of radiation that it emits. This rating is known as the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) value. This SAR value informs the mobile phone user the amount of radiation absorbed by the body during usage.  

What Pregnant Women Can Do to Protect Their Unborn Babies?

Be aware that the level of radiation emitted by a phone is directly related on the strength of the signal. The more powerful the signal the less radiation emitted by the phone. That is, pregnant women need to first stop using cell phones that constantly run of signal. Hence it is essential for pregnant women to use the phone when there is full signal reception. Women who still doubt the ill effects of the use of cell phones should use them only after consulting their doctors. Even when receive “green light” from their physician, they should not use cell phones every day and learn to live without them during pregnancy.  

To reduce the risk, they can also use a cell phone headset; Bluetooth is not recommended. It is a tough decision for certain groups of women, especially for working women who need a mobile to stay in touch with their love ones and friends. However, it is a question of the health of your loving child; it is better to be safe than sorry, as they say.