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Cell Phone Radiation Health Risks   

In the last few years, environmentalists as well as health care professionals don’t stop pointing out harmful effects that excessive use of cell phones has on human body. No one can use ignorance as excuse anymore; it is know that this very useful communication tool can destroy life. Nevertheless, not everyone well knows the health risks they take when they use cell phones. This article aims at informing you how hazardous is the use of mobile phone. 


A few decades ago, cell phones did not even exist. Nowadays, however, their use becomes an integral part of our society. In fact, the western civilization cannot even think about living without mobile phones. Everywhere you go you see people with a cell phone stuck to their ears, either for business or personal purpose. There is no doubt that cell phones have revolutionized the field of communication.  However, there are a few downsides of this technology that we cannot afford to ignore.  


Cell Phone Use and Human Cells 

like most people, the first thing that can come to your mind when talking about health effects of cell phones is likely the harmful radiation coming from these devices which is believed to deteriorate the DNA of our cells, leading to serious health problems. While this assumption is true, you need to understand that cell phones affect human body in more than one ways. In fact, researchers still discovery new adverse effects of cell phone use. The list of the damages is enormous; however, we discuss below some ill-effects that you can't afford to neglect. 


Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer 

Normally, Cell phones emit a form of non-ionizing radiation called radiofrequency energy (RF) or radio waves. When the phone is held close to the head while using, the radiofrequency energy affects the brain, possibly leading malignant brain tumors like gliomas, a group of tumors of the cells that surround the nerve tissues. Ear pieces can be used to avoid the phone to be placed against the head; however, even when hands-free is used when operating cell phones the chances for cancer - even if mild, do exist. In fact, even salivary glands are sensitive to cell phone radiofrequency energy. On prolonged use of cell phones, these salivary glands can develop tumors.  


Do "HANDS-FREE" Ear pieces for Mobile Phones Reduced Exposure to RF Emissions?


 According to the FCC, "Hands-free kits with ear pieces can be used with cell phones for convenience and comfort.  In addition, because the phone, which is the source of the RF emissions, will not be placed against the head, absorption of RF energy in the head will be reduced.  Therefore, it is true that use of an ear piece connected to a mobile phone will significantly reduce the rate of energy absorption (or "SAR") in the user's head.  On the other hand, if the phone is mounted against the waist or other part of the body during use, then that part of the body will absorb RF energy.”  


Other Health Hazards of Using Cell Phone

in addition to cancer that can result from excessive use of cell phone, there are many more claims when it comes to cell phone damage to other organs. For instance, the blood and bones are also highly susceptible to radiations of any kind. Cell phone usage is also known to lead to problems like headaches and mental confusion. It can also affect the brain's normal electrical activity, especially while sleeping. At the same time, use of cell phones can also affect the normal functioning of the endocrine system by releasing excess of stress hormones. Those that have had an artificial pacemaker are at a higher risk of developing serious health problems when they use cell phones. 

What You Can Do? 

It is important however to mention that we cannot accurately conclude that someone develops a certain cancer due to cell phone radiation alone - as the radiation emitted is relatively mild. “Mobile phones marketed in the U.S. are required to meet safety limit requirements regardless of whether they are used against the head or against the body.” However, since it is risky, it is best to keep your cell phone usage to minimum and try to keep it switched off at night or when you are not using it. Use headset when using cellphone reduce the risk. Also, use a landline phone as long as you can.