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Cell Phone Radiation Related Articles

Cellular Phone Towers and Your Health  

Cellular Phone Towers are important components of communication technology; they are necessary for better signal reception. In fact, even the best cell phone on the market is basically useless when there is poor carrier coverage...  

Cell Phone Radiation and Unborn Babies 

Whether or not cell phone usage can harm unborn babies has been controversial for years. However, most doctors recommend pregnant women to limit their cell phone usage for the sake of the innocent unborn child. But is it really a fact that regular use of mobile phones can  


Cell Phone Radiation Health Risks 

Cell phones emit a form of non-ionizing radiation called radiofrequency energy (RF) or radio waves. When the phone is held close to the head while using, the radiofrequency energy affects the brain, possibly leading malignant brain tumors like gliomas, a group of tumors of the cells that surround the nerve tissues… 

Cell Phone Radiation Facts and Update 

It is important to mention that not only cell phones but also the cell phone towers of various service providers emit lot of radiation into the atmosphere. In fact, some researchers believe that even birds are victims of exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phone towers 

Radiation Poisoning 


Also called radiation sickness, Radiation Poisoning is any damage to an organ or tissue due to unprotected or excessive exposure to ionizing radiation leading to an interference with cell division – the process in reproduction and growth by which a parent cell divides into two or more daughter cells...


Cell Phone Radiation Levels  

Discover the 20 highest-radiation cell phones in the United States, from Manufacturers to models. The list includes: