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 cancer chemotherapy                                                             


Cancer Chemotherapy  

Cancer chemotherapy is a form of therapy commonly used to treat malignant tumors. Cancer is a very serious which affects people in all over the world.  There are many different kinds of cancer and they all have progressive stages.  Each cancer is usually treated a different way depending on the type of cancer, the stage of the disease and factors related to the patient.  However a very important treatment option is called cancer chemotherapy since it uses chemicals to help to fight and hopefully eliminate cancer.  We will discuss more details about this kind of therapy and describe some common procedures, benefits and possible side effects. 


The application of chemotherapy to treat cancer initially began in the 1940’s when it was discovered that poisonous mustard gas could have some benefit in suppressing the growth of certain cancer cells.  Other chemicals were discovered and tested which were successful at reducing the size of tumors for certain kinds of cancer. 


So over the years many different kinds of chemical compounds were developed to target specific kinds of cancer.  Their dosages and frequency of dose have been optimized based on a great deal of clinical research and testing. 


Today cancer chemotherapy is a very commonly used treatment for many kinds of cancer.  A simple explanation for this type of treatment is the introduction of specialized chemicals or drugs into the body which has the ability to kill cancer cells. 


The benefit to this type of treatment is that it is possible to eliminate the threat of cancer and its associated symptoms by killing the cancer cells.  This is a very good alternative to surgical procedures because it can only best be used when the cancer tends to be localized and can be reached through surgical procedures.  There are many kinds of cancer, especially in later stages where a tumor cannot be reached and excised surgically. 


Cancer chemotherapy is a very viable way to either shrink a tumor so that it can be more easily removed surgically or as a treatment to kill enough of the cancer cells to help the patient to make a recovery.  This type of treatment may also be used as an additional treatment following surgery to help to kill any remaining cancer cells which could not be removed by the surgery. 

However it should be noted that this type of treatment can have some unwanted side effects.  While these chemicals are doing a good job killing cancer cells, they can also kill healthy tissue.  This is why dosages must often be carefully monitored in order to minimize the impact to healthy tissue.  Other common side effects can include nausea, fatigue, skin reactions, and others. 


The techniques related to cancer chemotherapy are improving constantly.  As a matter of fact there are some techniques which utilize cell marking technology to help to bring the chemicals directly to the cancer cells and avoid affecting healthy cells.  In this way the patient can handle higher dosages and achieve better overall results. 


Cancer chemotherapy is improving all the time and will continue to be a very important kind of treatment for many different types of cancer.  It can offer hope for many cancer sufferers and their families that they can beat this disease.