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Breast Cancer Radiation   

Breast cancer affects as many as 216000 women every year across the globe. Though the exact cause for the cancer is still unknown, there have been several studies going on for finding a pertinent treatment procedure for this deadly disease. Breast cancer treatment can be done through radiation therapy. This has been the most effective method of breast cancer treatment that destroys the cancer cells and reduces the risk of the cancer’s reoccurrence.  

Radiation therapy is given to the patient once the lumpectomy or the mastectomy has been done on the breasts.  This is done to ensure that all the cancer cells around the affected area are completely burnt, thus avoiding their proliferation. This will also ensure that there is no reoccurrence of the cancerous cells in that area.  The radiation therapy is a form of breast cancer treatment that is administered after few weeks of mastectomy surgery. This time gap is maintained so that the wounds of the surgery get completely healed. 

The main objective of radiation therapy is to remove the cancerous cell by burning them instead of cutting them. If the breast tumour is made up of cancerous and non-cancerous cells both, the radiation tends to destruct more of non-cancerous cells than cancerous cells. 

Procedure of Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy: 

On the day of the radiation therapy the patient is escorted to the radiation room. The patient is made to sit in a comfortable posture so that radiations get easily directed towards the affected area. After this the therapist leaves the room.  The radiation oncologist sits in another room and observes the patient through the various cameras and videos present in the treatment room. As a part of the treatment procedure the patient is asked to remain unmoving so that the radiation is done precisely. 

One of the positive features of breast cancer radiation therapy is that the patients do not feel any kind of pain at all. Moreover, none of the machines or any other devices touch any body part of the patient. The oncologist asks patient to change the postures repeatedly so that radiation gets beamed effectively over the affected area. The advanced radiation machines help the oncologist in gauging the correct posture of the patient thus facilitating the radiation process over precise affected areas. 

Side Effects of Radiation Treatment: 

Since the radiation treatment involves passing of strong X-rays through skin, there can be few minor side effects in the form of swollen skin, skin becoming tender, excessive hair loss and lack of perspiration. However, these side effects tend to subside over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Some other side effects that may be surface in the long run are darkening of skin, enlargement of breast pores, increased sensitivity of skin, changing of the breast size and so on.  

Despite the associated side effects, the success rate of radiation therapy for breast cancer patients is impressive. This effectual treatment has enabled many patients to survive this deadly disease.