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Breast Cancer Chemotherapy  

Breast cancer is a type of disease which affects many thousands of women in the US each year.  It is a very serious disease and doctors, scientists and researchers are always striving to find new and improved treatment options.  Breast cancer chemotherapy can cover a number of ways to use specialized chemicals to help to fight the cancer and relieve many of its symptoms.  Let’s review and discuss this topic further. 

Breast cancer chemotherapy entails the use of chemicals which are introduced into the body with the objective of killing cancer cells and affecting their growth.  A number of important and effective chemotherapy medications exist and a doctor is generally responsible for determining the best compounds of combination of compounds to use. 

A very common type of treatment for breast cancer involves surgical removal of any and all cancer cells and tissues in the area.  This is especially true if the cancer has remained localized and not spread to any other nearby organs.  In this case the affected is usually surgically removed but breast cancer chemotherapy can be used to kill any remaining cancer cells in the breast which may not have been able to be surgically removed. 

In addition breast cancer chemotherapy may be used to initially treat the cancer.  It has the capacity to shrink any tumors because it is designed to destroy cancer cells.  Once the tumor has been reduced sufficiently, it should be easier and more effective to remove the remainder of the cancer through surgery. 

If the cancer has spread to other organs before it has been diagnosed, it is most likely impractical to use surgical techniques because the cancer is too widespread.  However breast cancer chemotherapy may be a very viable option to attack the cancer in several locations.  In addition it can help to relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life for the patient as long as possible. 

Breast cancer chemotherapy can be very effective as a treatment option.  However there are often unwanted side effects which must be managed carefully for the well-being of the patient.  Since these medications are so effective at destroying cancer cells they may also have the potential to destroy healthy cells.  So dosages must be carefully monitored in order to minimize the incidence of side effects.  In addition the duration of these treatments are staged in order to help to provide maximum effectiveness against the cancer while protecting healthy cells as much as possible. 

However some common side effects can include nausea, diarrhea, fatigue and some mental problems like memory, emotions or cognitive function.  In addition the introduction of these medications also has a tendency to cause a patient’s hair to fall out.  Many of these side effects pass and reverse themselves once treatment has stopped. 

And some more recent treatment options are able to use chemotherapy medications which have the ability to identify cancer cells and then attack them only, leaving the healthy cells alone.  This is a fairly new type of treatment but improvements are being made regularly.  So breast cancer chemotherapy may very represent some excellent treatment options to combat, manage or cure this disease.


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