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Bone Cancer Chemotherapy  

Many people think of our bones as simply the means in which our bodies are supported.  However they play other very important roles.  The material inside of the bones is primarily responsible for producing the key compounds in our blood.  Since cancer can affect virtually all tissues and areas of the body, it can affect the bones as well.  In addition to causing problems with the normal production of blood and blood compounds, it can cause many other problems.  One type of treatment for bone cancer will be discussed here called bone cancer chemotherapy.  It can be a very effective way of helping to treat this kind of cancer.  However it can have some complications which will be discussed as well. 

Bone cancer chemotherapy is a type of treatment which administers special medications which kill cancer cells by disrupting their functions.  The drugs are designed to attack cells which show abnormally rapid growth.  This is a key difference of cancer cells from normal cells. 

However some normal cells do have rapid growth as well.  So this can create a problem where the drugs not only attack the cancer cells but also healthy cells which have rapid growth as well.  This causes many of the side effects and complications which may occur during bone cancer chemotherapy. 

Typical side effects can include falling hair, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, cramping, mouth sores, loss of appetite, and weight loss.  These symptoms tend to go away once treatment has stopped. 

Bone cancer chemotherapy can be useful in a number of ways.  First of all since the administered drugs travel through the bloodstream, it can be helpful for the types of bone cancer which affect tissues which can be reached in this way.  This includes the marrow which is a vital part of keeping the blood healthy.  But for many types of bone cancer, the cancerous tumors are most often removed surgically. 

Bone cancer chemotherapy can be helpful as additional treatment used to help to kill off any remaining cancer cells which could not be removed during surgery.  It can also be helpful in treating and shrinking larger tumors which might otherwise be inoperable.  This can also help to minimize the amount of bone which might otherwise need to be removed to treat the disease effectively. 

And for more advanced cases of bone cancer, this type of chemotherapy is often used to help to control the growth of the cancer but not necessarily cure it.  For more advanced stages, the cancer has often spread to other organs so surgery would not be as effective.  But the bone cancer chemotherapy to can help to attack the cancer cells in other organs as well. 

It can also be used to help address some of the painful symptoms associated with some types of bone cancer and provide relief to its patients.  For advanced bone cancer, while it may not be able to cure the disease it can help to extend the life of the patient for as long as possible with a good quality of life.


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