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 cancer chemotherapy                                                             


After Chemotherapy  

Chemotherapy drugs attack both cancer cells and healthy cells that multiply rapidly, mainly white blood cells. When there is a decrease in your white blood cells, your immune system becomes less able to fight against infection and other pathogenic attacks. Therefore, it is important to avoid anything that could lead to infections and their complications during and after chemotherapy. To this end, during and after chemotherapy, it is recommended to:  

  • avoid public swimming pools 
  • avoid public transportation 
  • avoid handling of cut flowers  
  • avoid nail injuries 
  • use electric razor to reduce the risk of injury  
  • wear gloves when cleaning and gardening 
  • avoid touching pets and their feces  
  • take a shower or bath every day   
  • protect yourself from sun rays by wearing sun screen and long clothes  
  • wash your hands after visit to the toilet and before meals 
  • avoid domestic occupations or professions that expose you to dust  
  • avoid individual that have colds, flu or suffering from infectious diseases: tuberculosis, chickenpox, herpes, pneumonia, etc..  
  • See your physician if you are wounded; if it is not complicated, wash it thoroughly with soap and water then disinfect it, and put a bandage.